You are an engineer.
We are builders.
Let's be remarkable together.

You are a technologist, enthusiast and an expert at what you do. We are builders, founders and technical marketers. Together we are growing the most successful content engineering network.

As a freelance Content Engineer you get to focus on the technical work while we edit, tweak, and manage the client experience. You get paid for your passion, you hone your craft and you work as much or as little as you like.

Build your future with us

Do you get excited by the newest technology? Are you always tracking the latest developments in your field? If yes, then joining the GTM Delta Content Engineer network can be a rewarding experience and a career accelerator.

You will get the chance to learn about revolutionary technologies from Silicon Valley CTOs and top global architects building the world’s most remarkable software and hardware products. By understanding technology deeply and creating technical reports, you will help disseminate new ideas globally to engineers like you. Blogs, technical papers, white papers, research reports, and lab reports based on your content will educate the market about the newest products from the top tech brands.

Supercharge your network

Meet and learn from CTOs, Chief Architects and tech industry veterans in Silicon Valley and globally. Accelerate your career with connections within our network.

Hone your craft

Get a fully guided experience being paired with expert editors to master the craft of technical communication.

Earn while you learn

Learn from Silicon Valley CTOs and global architects while getting paid to disseminate the knowledge and practice of revolutionary technologies to other engineers just like you. It’s a win-win.

Flexible freelance work to match your lifestyle

Work from wherever you choose and take on as many or as few projects as you like. We will be there to assist in your success every step of the way.


Light the spark.
Opportunities don't
just happen,
you create them.

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What do our content engineers have to say?

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Adam Sendler
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Mila Kunis
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Mike Sendler

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Popular questions that come up from our Freelance Content Engineer community. Any other questions can be covered during your welcome call which we will schedule as soon as you fill out the form.

It’s easy! Sign up as a freelance Content Engineer and choose from our many opportunities based on your skill, interest and project timeline.  We pair you up with a content coordinator team who manages all of the editing, formatting and client relations.  You focus on technical depth, accuracy and making advanced technical concepts easy to understand. We take care of the rest and show you how we do it so you get to learn along the way.

Not at all! We have a massive content engineering community including many who are non-English-native. We want your technical expertise to be the focus of what you do and we will guide the rest of the process including grammar, style, reader voice, and edit reviews with the client. Our content engineer community represents over 50 countries!

If you have technical skills and a passion for guiding people through technical complexity, we would love to hear from you!  Having previous writing and research experience is helpful but not required.  Our team supports you so you can focus on your technical skills, period. We convert the content for our clients and provide the white-labeling inviting you to be a part of the process and hone your craft as a Content Engineer.  We take care of all the client engagement so you get paid to do what you do best, explore exciting technical platforms and products.

You are! A freelance Content Engineer is simply someone who is passionate about technology and likes to share ideas. If you have experience with research reports, blogs, research papers, or technical writing, it will be a great start but you’re not limited in any way. All we need you to do is work on the technical depth, accuracy and making advanced technical concepts easy to understand. We can help with all of the rest right up to the final published product.

We have freelance Content Engineers all over the world and are able to support flexible freelance payment methods. Just let us know on your form what city/country you are in and we can accommodate. This is a 100% remote and time-zone friendly opportunity. We want you to be productive in your own time and place.

Of course! Your skills are valuable and we love that we are able to create earning opportunities while also helping to grow your skills. Our freelance Content Engineers are paid competitively for the work you do and compensation will range depending on the type and length of the content you help create. We will review all of the compensation ranges in our onboarding call with you and you are welcome to ask any questions along the way.

Once you’re signed up as a freelance Content Engineer you will be onboarded into our systems. Current and upcoming opportunities are published in an easy-to-use platform which lets you sign up based on content type, duration, project dates. We assign the project, set your compensation, and then work with you to complete the project including all the draft reviews, formatting, editing, and final publishing. You get paid once the client approves the content and you are also welcome to take on as many projects as you feel comfortable with. Quality matters so we do a lot of reviews and expect the highest standard in accuracy and depth. We focus on flexibility and empowering our Content Engineers to do what you do best.

We cover all sorts of technology areas but you’re not limited in any way. Quality matters and we expect the highest standards of technical accuracy in the content you produce. Here are a few of our most popular practice areas:

– Cloud Infrastructure

– Machine Learning / AI

– Storage

– Networking

– Databases and Data Science

– Hardware

– Security

– Monitoring and Observability

– Kubernetes and Cloud-Native

– Automation and Infrastructure-as-Code

We are always adding new clients and new exciting practice areas. Feel free to fill in what you’re excited about in your signup form.

Being a freelance Content Engineer is a great experience because we let you work on your time and at your pace within the delivery schedule. We have a full support team who you are paired with including a copy editor, content reviewer, technical reviewer, and project coordinator.

You can lean on our team as much or as little as needed. Our goal is to give you what you need so that you can focus on what you do best and we take care of the rest to deliver the final project to the client.