“I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.”

Howard Shulz

Welcome to the AWS re:Invent Coffee Exchange Community

Coffee + Cloud + Community

Since 2017 the #vCoffee exchange has been a part of the technology community… 

Every time an event was happening, I took the opportunity to bring coffee lovers together to share some fun. The coffee exchange began as “#vCoffee” because it was originated in the VMware community by Cody Bunch. I picked up the torch from Cody to carry on the tradition and we expanded to every tech event we could including Microsoft Ignite, AWS re:invent, and VMwworld. 

This year we pick up the tradition again after a couple of years without in-person events. GTM Delta is hosting the coffee exchange and all are welcome to participate!

Joining in is as easy as...


Fill out the form below and bring a bag of your favorite locally roasted beans to the event


Drop off your beans at the GTM Delta media suite at Vdara by Tuesday Nov 29th at 8 PM


Take home an equivalent amount of beans as you left from the available beans by Thursday @ 4PM

Instructions will be sent via email to all participants for the exact suite number or instructions to drop off at the Vdara front desk

Sign up here!